Getting Started (& why you should take crap jobs)

I remember when I decided to stop filming weddings. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had just spent the entire weekend traveling around the northeast shooting three of them. The final wedding landed me at a Russian buffet-style restaurant with a glitter-draped singing duo. This shit isn't always glamorous.

As I tucked into my beef stroganoff, and was force-fed vodka by the restaurant owners (not complaining), I realized this wasn't for me anymore. Maybe it was the underwhelming performance by the "band" that dampened my spirits. But more than likely I had just gotten tired of the monotonous, repetitive nature of filming weddings. Luckily at this point I had other work to keep me going.

When you’re first getting started as a freelancer you need to say "yes" to every paid project you can. In the beginning you simply don’t have the experience or portfolio to do anything else. If you want to progress quickly there's only one way forward. And that's through some shit. I’ve filmed dozens of weddings, bar-mitzvah introduction videos (yes, that's a thing) & 60th birthday parties. Like I said, not glamorous. At times it can be embarrassing. But, it's a necessary step towards creating anything great.

There will come a time when you can start saying "no". But for now do the work, pay your rent, and build your empire one wedding at a time.