Ground Up 002 - Five Lesson's Directing my First Feature

These are the five biggest lesson’s I learned directing my first feature length film Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. Over three years ago Joshua Fields Millburn ( came to me with an idea to create a documentary. I’d been making videos all my life but I’d never attempted a project so massive.

Over the next couple years I worked with a group of insanely talented individuals to bring it to life. It stretched the realms of what I thought was possible, pushing me to my limits. Minimalism is now available on Netflix, iTunes, Vimeo & most other places you watch movies.


Additional Content

Take a look behind the scenes to see what it took to make Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. Creating it was simple, but not easy. A few years back I joined Josh & Ryan from The Minimalists to travel across the country and interview people about how simple living had changed their lives. It was a long road to get here.

Now I'm going back and deconstructing how we made it from the very beginning. You’ll get a look at unseen footage as I detail all of our big wins, breakthroughs & discoveries. This is episode 1 of a series called Making Minimalism. Find out about the origins of the idea, how we put together our team and our game plan heading into production.


This is episode 2 of Making Minimalism. We travel the country speaking with minimalist's and capturing Josh & Ryan's tour. What did we learn from our interviews?



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